is created for all people that love mountains and want to share their experiences with the others. You will find here thousands of photos from different mountain adventures


On, photos are grouped by actions where they were taken by photographers.
  • Tagged by sport activity
  • May include map with lines and markers
  • With discussion forum attached

Photos of the week

Interesting photos are nominated into the Photos of the week selection. Photo of the week is displayed on the home page and available in the Photos of the week section alongside with the author name.


If you spend a nice time in the mountains while taking photos, it is good to share your photos with the others. After one-step registration you can add and publish them to allows to all member photographers:
  • All-photos-at-once upload
  • Single-click integration of your Google Picasa album
  • Describe your photos including placing your action to the map
  • Show altitude profile for your map paths
  • Put your best photos from all actions into special selection
If you want to contact a photographer, you can send him a private message.

Do you want to join?

There are few simple steps to start:
  • Walk around the mountains
  • Annoying yourself and the others while taking pictures
  • Check the guided tour
  • Do simple registration (we support OpenID, so you can use your Google, Yahoo or Facebook account without need to remember another password).
  • Master basic photo editing and select the best photos you did
  • Follow the rules for photo publishing

Lazy but know what RSS is? provides RSS channels for:
  • New actions
  • Photos of the week
  • New forum topics
  • New relies to each topic
  • New action comments
Using RSS reader you gets informed what's new without browsing here.

Wants to know more or suggest improvement?

If you have any inquiry or suggestion, do not hesitate and write a message