is designed with aim to enable really easy photo publishing. Few minutes are enough to share your photos.

Sign in

In order to sign in you can use your existing Google, Yahoo or Facebook account so you do not need to remember additional password.

Create new action

Photos on are organized into actions. Each action describe one of your adventure or journey

Add photos

You can easily upload many photos at once from your PC, or attach your Google Picasa Web album.

Edit and describe

Now it's time to describe your photos. The best one can be selected into your selecetion of photos. You can setup the order of appearance using mouse drag-n-drop and select the headline photo of whole action. Thanks to neat Picnik integration you can use their on-line photo editor to play with your photos.

Place on map

You can place your action to the interactive map. Using multi color lines and markers you can draw e.g. your route just using mouse. Simple schema can tell more than long descriptions and may help your followers. can as well place your photos to the map if they contain geo coordinates in their EXIF data. can generate the altitude profile of your traces.


Preview your action. If you are satisfied, you can publish your action. can publish notification to your Facebook account. Of course you can edit your actions later.